How to enhance your product displays

When you have fantastic products, you want to show them off and attract attention. But how can you enhance your product displays so that people are drawn to them? We cover some top tips for making your displays shine.

Don’t be too wordy

If you have some text to go along with your items, keep it short and sweet. Many customers will only glance over written text when observing objects, so use bold fonts that are large enough to see in a blink, and reduce messaging down to the core takeaway. Don’t make your customers work to understand things.

Keep pricing clear

We all know how much pricing matters to consumers. However, sometimes it is easy to think that displaying prices might put people off your products – what if they think something is too expensive for their budget, or too reasonably priced to be high quality? The truth is that any price is better than no price at all – most customers will assume a lack of clear pricing means a product is way out of their budget, no matter what it is!

Group your items

Grouping your items together should not be done haphazardly. You can group them by theme – whether this is colour or usage. This is something that we take for granted when it comes to more seasonal items but can work well year-round. For example, if you were selling baking equipment, it might make sense to put a couple of recipe books on the same display to encourage added purchases.

Choose the right display option

You can have all the great ideas, products and creativity in the world, and if you don’t have the right display option, your items may look crowded and muddled. Consider modular retail displays for trade shows and exhibitions, which allow a group of items to stand independently, encouraging customers to pause and really look rather than just walk on by.

Think about lighting

It might sound strange, but how you light your displays can make a huge difference as to whether people approach them or not. A display in a darker corner is unlikely to draw the eye, and even if you have a well-lit space, the spotlight should always be on your displays. Providing lighting that is warm and inviting and fully illuminates your displays should be a priority when designing your areas.

Your displays should show your items in their best light – both literally and metaphorically. Especially at larger events, it is imperative that you stand out from the crowd and remove any barriers to customers interacting with your displays. With these top tips, you can create attractive and clear displays that will elevate your brand.

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